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We are urgently looking for long and short term investments from businesses with whom we can enter into partnerships, and together work towards the fulfilment of a ‘brighter future’ for children. Such businesses could also benefit from BBBEE credits and tax receipts by investing in this programme.

Additionally, we would love to see the project expand beyond our borders. With long-term financial planning and large-scale investments, we aim to expand the programme to include many more needy children in schools throughout the Valley of 1000 Hills.

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Our Vision

To positively and significantly impact the lives and futures of marginalised young adolescents living in the Valley of a Thousand Hills; who are impoverished and vulnerable to sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS and violence. This is done by building and developing the knowledge-base of young people, their values and attitudes, self-confidence and personal competence; to empower them to make informed, assertive and responsible decisions in order to take intentional and appropriate actions for their lives.

iKusasaLethu – Our Future

In the Valley of 1000 Hills a new day is dawning! We have a vision to raise up powerful children who honour themselves and others, children who can make good choices for their lives and walk into a brighter future!

Our Team

Lindo Mthembu
(since 2015)

Lindo is passionate about ministering to children and young adults and setting them on a path of success and destiny. His aim is to impart a sense of belonging into each child he comes into contact with and for them to know they are loved, special and created with purpose.

In order to achieve this Lindo works at creating a sense of community, togetherness and unity in the school and sports clubs that he runs because CHANGE comes from connection and the belief that they have choices.

Lindo is also a poet and uses this incredible talent to inspire the children and speak meaningfully into their lives.

Sipho Madlala
(since 2012)

For Sipho, working at iKusasaLethu is all about bringing HOPE to a generation of children who are growing up without a solid sense of identity, self-confidence or dreams to aspire to.

Having come from a similar background to many of the children that he is now working with, Sipho has experienced the challenges being faced, and through the love of Jesus he has found purpose and identity that motivates him to do this work.

Ultimately, Sipho would like to see stability, restoration and healing come to these communities and to be part of that is not only a privilege for him, but a calling.

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Our Programmes

Our Lifeskills Programme has impacted the lives of over 1000 adolescent boys and girls in Grades 8 and 9 at 3 schools in Embo and KwaNyuswa through a faith-based school curriculum. The project is equipping young adolescents with the knowledge, skills and values to make informed decisions and reduce risk-taking behaviour.

Our aim is to constantly expand this programme to other schools in the area in order to reach as many children as we can within these communities.

There are currently two full time youth workers implementing the programme with a number of volunteers who assist with the administration. Our aim is to employ more youth workers so that we can extend our reach.

Sports Programme
(Group Mentorship)

iKusasaLethu is currently running Soccer and Netball programmes in Embo for the Community Youth.

Teams enter tournaments and leagues to build up skills and interest. This has been invaluable to instil confidence, team spirit and discipline into the youth.
The goal is to extend the sports programme into other communities and to grow the number of youth participating.

Youth Clubs
(Group Mentorship)

iKusasaLethu holds after school Youth Club meetings at the schools where the Lifeskills Programme is being implemented and the learners are free to attend for as long as they are at the school. iKusasaLethu also runs youth clubs for youth from 2 local Child and Youth Care Centres weekly.

The youth attend voluntarily and are mentored in spiritual matters, assisted with decision making and practical assistance is provided wherever possible.


Individual mentorship is undertaken currently on an ad-hoc basis.
The goal is to develop a mentorship programme that will link a pool of skilled and passionate mentors with learners/mentees that are willing to learn and grow in skills, spirituality and to build capacity in each person with a strong sense of identity.

Contact Us 

If you would like further information please contact Jean Meikle-Braes on or Fay: 031 765 3080

iKusasaLethu Lifeskills programme is registered with the Department of Social Development as an NPO Reg. No: 123-446 NPO and registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation PBO No. 930049567
We are able to issue tax receipts to all donors.